Standard Units Fit Most Truck Bodies and Styles. Call with your truck year, make and model. Custom orders welcome!

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    Cab Rack Design Options to Suit Your Needs. Choose rugged aluminum mesh, stylish louvers, or no insert at all. Standard Design Features. Diamond plate front panel, brake light cut-outs, and 24" feet are standard on all units. 32" Extended Feet Option. Designed to accommodate level installation of our popular cross-body box.

    All Aluminum Construction means low maintenance and high durability. Strong and lightweight design for added fuel economy. Unlimited Options for Work Applications. Choose lumber stops, load light brackets, beacon light plates, overload sign assembly and more! Customize for optimum performance and top-notch looks!

    Custom units built are available , we can build to your specifications, please contact us for details.
Cab Rack Options
Cab Rack Options

57-4445 light bracket with 1 round light (shown above)
57-4446 light bracket with 2 round lights
57-4447 light bracket with 1 oval light
57-4448 light bracket with 2 oval lights (shown on Louvered Cab Rack page)
57-6038 beacon light plate, 7” x 16” rectangular
57-6040 beacon light plate, 7” round (shown above)
57-6042 beacon light plate, 4 ½’ round
57-6044 beacon light plate, 8” round
57-9000 load light bracket (shown)
57-9005 antenna bracket
57-6037 wood overload sign (shown on Mesh Cab Rack page)
57-6050 slider window cut out (shown on Louvered Cab Rack page)
57-6055 Lumber Stops (shown above as well as on both Louvered and Mesh Cab Rack pages)
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Beacon Light PlateLoad Light BracketRound Light Bracket